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About Me

As a child, I devoured books voraciously, wanting to absorb not just the written words, but the nuances and feelings they made me feel. It was then that I discovered the power of storytelling -- the magic of creating a whole world inside the reader's head out of letters and syllables made into carefully crafted phrases.

I have always been a writer, but I started my copy and content writing business in 2020. What started as a fun part-time job grew into a thriving full-time career in less than a year.

I found that copy and content writing is very similar to the fiction books I read as a child. The intent is to draw your audience in, make them feel enamored with a product, or educate them on a topic in an engaging way.

My primary niches are beauty, fashion, wellness, and entertainment reporting, but I'm also well-versed in parenting, travel, food, and hobbies as well. If you need an SEO content writer or website copy, email marketing, and social media posts, let's talk about your goals and how I can help you expand your business!

About Me: About Me
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