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About Me

While I find it easy to write for others, my mind draws a blank when I'm forced to write about myself. Therefore, I will list some random facts for you to enjoy:

  • I began my writing career in 2020. What started as a fun part-time job grew into a thriving full-time career in less than a year.

  • Since then, I've written many articles, some of which have gotten over 100k views.

  • I love animals but birds freak me out.

  • I like to snack on peanut butter cups and Cheetos while I write.

  • My primary niches are beauty, fashion, wellness, and entertainment, but I can also write about parenting, travel, food, and hobbies as well. If you need an SEO content writer, shoot me an email, and let's see if we're a good fit.

About Me: About Me
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